About us

Created in 1999 by R&D and business professionals with over 30 years’ experience in beauty and personal care, GEMRO Products Ltd. has become a well-established supplier of speciality ingredients to UK cosmetics and toiletries manufacturers.

We focus on products which require a high degree of technical knowledge and our well qualified team are perfectly suited to successfully meet the aspirations of both clients and suppliers in the marketplace.

Following a dedicated, professional approach, we establish long-term relationships through cooperation and understanding of the needs of the market, providing a platform of creativity through our innovative ingredient portfolio and comprehensive technical assistance.

With the pursuit of excellence as our overriding aim, we give the highest standards of service to our customer base and supply partners alike.

GEMRO operates from headquarter offices in Borehamwood approximately 15 miles from Central London and within the northern perimeter of the M25. With centrally located warehousing facilities in Luton we are well positioned to provide an extremely responsive delivery service to our customers.



Please contact us at: info@gemroproducts.com or

GEMRO Products Ltd
Moda Business Centre
Stirling Way
Herts., WD6 2BW
Tel: 020 8090 9714



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