Aurora Oat Oil Pure

> Anti-Irritant and Hypoallergenic
> Occlusive Skin-Conditioning Agent – Maintains normal skin barrier function and prevents water loss
> UV- Protective – Absorbs UV radiation and helps to reduce irritation caused by UV exposure

> Conditioning Agent
> Improves Manageability and Gives Silky Feeling
> Soothes Sensitive and Dry Scalps

> Natural Plant Oil
> Ecofriendly CO2 Extraction
> Sensitive Friendly & Hypoallergenic
> Vegan and Gluten Free

> Low Risk for Irritation
> Natural Emulsifier
> Easily Absorbed Oil
> Easy to Formulate

Oats have the highest lipid content of cereal grains. OAT OIL (Avena sativa kernel oil) is a naturally softening, moisturizing and nourishing component for skin and hair care products. The natural oil is an occlusive skin-conditioning ingredient and suitable for oil-based skin care formulas, after-sun products, photo-protective cosmetics and other personal care products.

Oat oil is also a great conditioning agent for hair care products, making hair nourished, softer and easier to manage. The oil enhances skin and hair and leaves a moisturized, silky smooth feeling, being very light and easily absorbed into skin and hair.

Fazer Mills is a worldwide supplier and developer of oats and special ingredients. Naturalness and well-being as trends are continually growing. Plant-based, sustainable, environmentally friendly and healthy products and ingredients are highly valued among consumers. New technology provides interesting new user opportunities for oat oil as a multifunctional ingredient in the cosmetics industry.
Oats have been used in skin care for ages
Fazer Mills uses high-quality Finnish oats, applying traditional bakery heritage and innovative technology in a patented extraction process. This process enables a solvent-free and eco-friendly CO2 extraction to deliver the purest and most neutral end results rich in nutrients.

Fazer Aurora Oat Oil Pure brings the benefits of oats to cosmetics
Fazer Aurora Oat Oil Pure is a natural way to add the benefits of oats to cosmetic and personal care products. This versatile ingredient naturally moisturises and soothes the skin and strengthens the hair, and it can also help to reduce wrinkles and signs of ageing. Fazer Aurora Oat Oil Pure is easily assimilated in the manufacture of cleansers, moisturisers and hair treatments to add protective hydration and the benefit of vitamin E for the skin and hair.